Miniature is 40mm tall with a 25x50mm base (1x2 squares on the board). I urge you however to print bigger! The Brute is detailed enough to go up to 75mm scale and be a menacing monster ready to destroy the bravest adventurers.

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One of the strongest Mischiefs are the Flesh Forgers. The Flesh Forgers are obsessed with mutilating and enhancing their own bodies beyond their physical capabilities. The more devoted of the Flesh Forgers have been known to alter their appearance untill their original form is no longer recognisable. The ruler of this colony of metal and flesh is Sparktail. He is a ruthless king hellbent on using the serum he harvests from the bile filled blisters on his own back to augment his followers, creating a mischief strong enough to rule all others. Maddened by the fear of war, Sparktail will never let his mischief rest. Constantly augmenting them to ensure they are ready for the next conflict. What started as muscular and mental enhancements soon turned to Sparktail removing limbs of his followers, replacing them with weapons. Creating an army that is ever ready for war.