Miniature for board games and wargaming.

Fits on any 1" base.

4 scaled files available - 32mm, 35mm, 40mm and 54mm. So you can pick what to pop in your printer.


The skeletons of Mor'ug are once strong warriors and adventurers who ventured too far into the darkness of the mines.

The Mor'ug Mines in turn are a maze of neverending tunnels, enormous caves and halls, and vicious foes lurking around every corner. It is said that if you venture deep enough into Mor'ug you will come across mountains of diamonds, gold, and the strongest metal the world has ever known. However, the forces of evil within have yet to let anyone discover the secrets of Mor'ug locked in its. Some theorize that the tunnels are so deep that they lead to the infernal flames of Baratus itself.