COVID-19 has resulted in visitor restrictions at many hospitals and health care facilities. This modular tablet holder clips on to a standard bedside hospital tray to make it easier for patients to video conference with friends and loved ones.

All bolts are 1/4" hex bolts. Use a soldering iron to heat up the nuts and melt them in to the hexagonal holes. Print all parts as they are oriented with supports as needed.

The top and bottom supports on the tablet holder are oversized in order accommodate tablets in cases and with protective covers. This is important for infection control in healthcare settings. Tablets can be held in either landscape or portrait orientation.

The tablet holder slides easily on and off the tablet holder attachment to allow tablets to be switched between different mounts.

To assemble the "Tablet holder", use a 3/4" long bolt in combination with the appropriate knob to attach and secure the "Top clamp."

To assemble the table clamp print either the "Clamp Regular" or "Clamp Large." The "Clamp Regular" will fit over a standard 3/4" thick tray with raised rubber edge. The "Clamp Regular" has an additional 1 cm clearance.

To assemble the Clamp Plate, print the "Clamp Plate Bolt Connector" and "Clamp Plate Contact Surface." Melt a 1/4" bolt into the hex hole on the bolt connector. Put a small dab of Vaseline (or other suitable lubricant) on the surface of the "Bolt Connector" and snap into place on the "Contact Surface." Add an adhesive rubber pad (such as a floor protector) to the surface of the "Contact Surface" for extra stability.

Cut a 1/4" threaded rod to approximately 5 cm. Lock two nuts on one end and insert through the "Knob for Hinge". A small dab of glue is advisable. Thread through the bolt in the clamp. Add a small amount of glue to the threads of the opposite side of the bolt and thread into the "Bolt Connector." Allow to dry thoroughly.

Attach the "Clamp" to the "Swivel Hinge" using a 2 1/4 - 2 1/2" bolt and the appropriate knob.

Attach the "Tablet Holder Attachment - vertical" to the "Swivel Hinge" using a 2" bolt. Since this joint does not have to hold against gravity, it is usually enough to use the 2" bolt and tighten once. If you would prefer to be able to tighten and loosen this hinge, simply use a 2 1/4 - 2 1/2" bolt and the appropriate knob.

There is a tight 0.2 mm tolerance between all hinge joints so the friction will minimize unwanted movement. File out the hinge surfaces if you would like it to move more freely.