Bat signal night-lamp I made for a friends 4 year old sons birthday.
It was much appreciated.
I later tweaked the design for easy printing, easy assembly and with features to hide the layer seam.
I have designed this to be free from small parts that children could swallow and the battery hatch is out of reach if assembled correctly. I take no responsibility for any injury that could occur when using this. Don't let a child play with a broken print.

What you need
You need a typical Ø38mm*18mm LED tea light and some glue. Do not use CA glue as it sets too quickly.
Depending on the brand of your tea light, you could possibly remove the "flame" from the candle and get a little more light out of it.

*Print all the parts. The part named "reflector" should be printed in a white filament. The part named Glass should be printed in a translucent or natural filament for maximum light emittance but white may work if you do not have any of those. I have included two versions of the glass, one with the bat in the glass - change filament for the bat or paint it with a permanent marker. And one with the bat separated to be glued on the glass. Make sure the bat cannot come loose and swallowed by a child.
*Assemble everything first to figure out how it is supposed to fit together then glue the LED candle so that it will not rotate when turning on and off. 
*Also glue the "Top" so that only the bottom can be screwed off.

No support needed
No infill needed
3 wall lines with a 0.4mm nozzle is enough for all parts.
The stand should preferably be printed in a stiff material like PLA.
I used ironing on the glass and bat.