Always wanted to have a proper home for your heroes? This Dining set got you covered!

Furnish a tiny kitchen or a dining room in a village house, or place them in a little tavern for your heroes to rest in! With the Expansion (extra items), you will get even more necessary scatter and tiny food items to place on the tables.


Note: This is the first 3D set I ever made, so it’s a bit different from the rest of them. But I hope you will still like it just as much! :D


This set consists of different wooden items to furnish a home or a tavern (scaled for 32 mm miniatures), and it comes pre-supported with both STL and Lychee files provided! (unsupported versions also included)


DINING - Base Set:

1x Medieval Stove (divided into upper and lower part)
1x Cauldron
1x Table
2x Benches (wood variations)
2x Stools (wood variations)
1x Chair
1x Tankard (Mug)
1x Meal
1x Bowl


DINING - Expansion:

Cutlery: Spoon, Fork & a Knife
Plate of Apples
Bitten Bread
Sandwich (or medieval burger ;)
Bitten Sandwich
Water Pitcher
Water Cup
Stack of Bowls