It's the full March 2021 release from my Patreon, where you can embark on an unforgettable journey in search of your new scenery items!


This set consists of 112 items to furnish a library or a mage tower!




LIBRARY - Base Set:

Book Pedestal - empty, but you can place any book on it!
Bookshelves - 8 models, including a broken one and 2 with attachable Ladder
Set of Books - 1 Open Book, 6 Closed Books (or magical tomes with spells? ;), 3 Vertical Book Piles, 1 Huge Book Pile & 14 Book Rows to fill your bookshelves with!
Set of Scrolls - 1, 3, 5 Closed Scrolls in full size and small size (for bookshelves), 1 Open Scroll & 1 Scroll Pile
Set of Candles - 24 models, burning and idle.


LIBRARY - Magic Essentials:

Lockbox / Jewelry Box
2x Books (chained & locked one)
Crystal Orb (to see the future, of course! ;)
Magnifying Glass
Ink Blotter
4x Magic Crystals
2x Inscribed Books (runes & text)
2x Inscribed Scrolls (texts)
Open Scroll (empty) & 3 Inscribed Scrolls (text, runes & magic spell)
Metal Scroll (empty) & 3 Inscribed Metal Scrolls (text, runes & magic spell)
7 Candleholders (with idle & burning candles)


LIBRARY - Modular Bookshelves:

6 Middle Parts (2 long, 2 medium, 1 broken & 1 small)
6 Top Parts
2 Leg Parts (with and without metal parts)


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