This work is a revision of my 2016 work 'Save pangolins'.
Although 'Pangolin Bracelet' and 'Save pangolins' are similar in appearance, there are many modifications'Pangolin Bracelet' limbs are designed to be received inside the abdomen, so they can be printed in one piece. Turn the limbs out from the abdomen only when complete. The pangolin bracelet can be extended to match the thickness of the wrist. When the pangolin's head and tail are connected, it becomes a bracelet on the wrist. It can also be used as a decoration without hanging on the hand.

3D printing settings

Layer height - 0.2
Infill Density - 12%
No supports.

這個作品是修改自我2016年的作品'Save pangolins'。
'穿山甲手環'與'Save pangolins'在外觀上雖然相似,但是結構上有很多的修改,'穿山甲手環'的四肢設計成可以收到腹部裡面,所以可以一體成形的列印,在列印完成後才從腹部轉出四肢。穿山甲手環可以加長尾部長度,以配合手腕粗細。當穿山甲的頭尾相連就會變成一個手飾套於手腕。不掛在手上也能當成擺飾。