It took me more than three months to design this dinosaur-themed automata.

The work includes a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Triceratops. These two dinosaurs can operate independently, or they can be operated synchronously by installing the attached link file. When the dinosaurs operate in sync you will see two dinosaurs fighting against each other.
I believe this image was once seen 60 million years ago.

You can also download one of the dinosaurs separately. If you download Triceratops and T-Rex at different times, you will also get the connecting rod kit that connects the two dinosaurs. The connecting rod kit allows the two dinosaurs to operate synchronously. (The kit is in the T-Rex folder)

This work is my most satisfying design in 2023. I hope all my friends will like it too.

Roaring T-Rex (Automata)

Sprinting Triceratops (Automata)

The design of automata is very difficult. The shape and mechanism must be correct so that the work can effectively present its supposed appearance. Therefore, the design process always requires constant revision and adjustment. The design and revision of this work took more than 3 months, which is why I can't release a large number of works.

print suggestion

1. If your 3D printer is suitable for printing this work, you can download this file to test your machine and printing settings.
2. Print layer height -0.2mm
3. If the file name contains (s), support is required when printing and the support angle is 30
4. It is not recommended to print at a reduced size (unless you are very confident in your skills)
5. Assembly does not require tools and glue