VOLTRON Defender of the Universe

Welcome to the new version of Voltron.

This variant has been completely redesigned and features new ratchet joints.

The model shown was printed using Bambulab P1S and A1 printers BUT this model works with non multimaterial FDM printers from other brands as well.

All materials used are from Bambulab and are detailed in the instructions but you can of course use whatever brand you want.

This is the transformation procedure of all lions: 

This is how you form Voltron: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4yoJKwrj0H/

Available Models:

  • Shiro's Lion (BLACK)
  • Keith's Lion (RED)
  • Pidge's Lion (GREEN)
  • Lances's Lion (BLUE)
  • Hunk's Lion (YELLOW)
  • Blazing Sword

You will have access to the .STL files and .3mf profiles for BambuStudio.

Disclaimer: the BambuStudio files are what I have used and it worked well for me.
Feel free to change the settings to your preferences.

I have uploaded a .zip folder to “other files” since it is easier for me to manage the models and update the folder on the go.

Some of the parts need to be glued; and additional hardware is required for this model.
Details can be found in the assembly instruction.  

All parts will fit a 256 x 256 mm print-bed and are ready-to-print.

What does ready-to-print mean:
This means, that all parts are oriented to be dropped into your slicer.
Supports are not part of the model since everyone has its own preferences.

The following Bambulab filaments have been used:

  • Basic PLA Jade White (10100)
  • Basic PLA Gray (10103)
  • Basic PLA Bronze (10801)
  • PLA Matte Lemon Yellow (11400)
  • PLA Matte Charcoal (11101)
  • PLA Matte Marine Blue (11600)
  • PLA Matte Scarlet Red (11200)
  • PLA Matte Grass Green (11500)

This is a preview of the assembly Instruction for one lion to have a better Idea of the project:


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