The most vibrant collection of automaton 3D models awaits at PIXUP! Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer, our unique creations promise to inspire and delight. Featuring dragons, articulated animals, Hotwheels, and more, each 3D model embodies playful charm and mechanical artistry. Ideal for printing and collecting, these models offer a joyous experience. Explore premium selections by Amao and exclusive Phrozen Verified new arrivals. Join the Extravaganza to elevate your 3D printing with PIXUP's blend of innovation and design excellence.

Focus Designer: Amao: Playful 3D Automaton Delights

Amao presents a vibrant collection of playful and colorful automaton delights that you’ll love to add to your collection. His collection includes a Whale and Submarine piece, a Fiddler Crab with tons of movable parts, a Sticking Tongue Pumpkin Head, and an Excavator automaton that you’ll enjoy playing with for hours on end. Explore Amao’s collection now and print these captivating automata delights for yourself!

Mechanical Automata Marvels: Artistry in Motion

A Morf Worm Fidget Toy, a Flying Sea Turtle, a Flying Dragon (Automata), and many more are ready to join your collection. Each piece is intricately crafted to bring a touch of fascination and delight. Discover the perfect 3D model to showcase your passion for mechanical automata and elevate your collection with our diverse selection of exquisite designs.

Flexi-Fun: Embrace the Charm of Movable Automata

Our new collection of movable 3D models, including the Cute Orange Crab Flexi, Articulated Lizard, Pangolin Bracelet, and more, blends functional design with artistic flair. Each piece showcases meticulous craftsmanship and innovative engineering, ideal for collectors and gift seekers alike, offering practicality and aesthetic charm in one delightful package.

Playful Automata: Interactive Mechanical Joy

Explore our collection of mechanical marvels, including Voltron, Hotwheels Attack Pack, and more. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike, each piece blends artistry with engineering to enchant and entertain. Discover the joy and fascination of these creations today!

Phrozen Verified 3D Models: Optimal Quality Assured

Explore our collection of Phrozen Verified 3D Models, meticulously pre-optimized for superior print quality. Each model ensures precise details and reliable performance, perfect for enhancing your 3D printing projects with confidence.